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Like many Canadians, I am a family man with a professional career. I ran for "Member of Parliament" from Brampton-East in 2021 federal election as I am concerned about the future for my kids and what that looks like for Canada. Identity politics has divided our society into many groups and it has started a competitive race where people have forgotten that a "just" system is a fair system for all. A just and fair system is the one where rights of one can't triumph over the rights of the other, respect can't come by insulting the other,  respect for each other and what we have in common has been forgotten.  We no longer consider the Merit of others but instead make race and gender issues central to policy making. It is very clear that this has become disastrous and toxic for our beautiful country which has prospered in principles like freedom, small government, and personal responsibility.

Our children are growing up under the government mandates that teaches them how to live their lives and this has become their “new normal” by socialization. If this is accepted as "Normal", the new generation would be accustomed  to accepting even more dictatorial government policies that would further take away their rights and freedom. If we don't act now, it would be too late for our kids to realize that freedom is simply a CHOICE.

Lockdowns during pandemic were neither logical nor practical. We had seen the constant moving of the goalpost and shifting narrative which began as 2 weeks to flatten the curve but lasted for over 2 years with an unreasonable expectation of complete eradication of COVID-19. With the data available now, it is clear that the solution for lockdown was worst than than Covid-19. The healthcare backlog now stands at all time high.Hundreds and thousands are suffering because of these needless lockdowns. While there is evidence that vaccines reduce severity of COVID symptoms, we know they do not stop the spread. Taking vaccine should be an individual choice. How can we be free, if we can't control what goes into our body?  Consent given under fear from reprisals is not free consent, it's coercion.

The Vaccine passport is another way of segregating the population causing further divide amongst us. We still do not know the long-term consequences for forced isolation, masks, lockdowns, and vaccines -both psychologically and economically. What is certain is that the Vaccine Passports will create 2 tiers of citizens. We should resist such segregation policies or mandates.

For stronger Canada I support the following:


1. Reduce government size and improve government accountability.

2. Made in Canada policies to protect and support Canadian businesses and support resource based industries such as Pipelines. While it is important to innovate and develop clean alternatives, it should be done without putting Canadian business at a disadvantage or putting more burden on Canadians through taxation.

3. Reduce immigration from current levels and prioritize skilled based immigration that make smart sense for Canada. 

The approach of current Liberal government is dictating citizens through mandates, telling them how to live their lives while legislating bills such as C-11 will restrict free speech. It is a very slippery slope towards communism. We all can put a stop to it.




My favorite quote:

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety" -Benjamin Franklin

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